Show Halloween Check out our October show!! Some of the top comedians in the city are on the bill!! It’s PWYC and starts at 8PM…..NO EXCUSES!!


Sept 29th PosterCome check out our September show. It’s going to be a PWYC event! In return we’ll provide a great atmosphere, and some of Toronto’s top comics!!! 8pm start!

August 25th Show!!!


Come see the Comedy Cabaret on July 28th! It’s going to be one hot show!

Give us your definition of a kangaroo.

We wanted this month’s comedians to give us a definition of a kangaroo. Here is the jumping hilarity that they came up with:

Adam Jamal

“An annoying pest that the government tries to get you to kill”


Cathryn Naiker

“A majestic Aussie animal which carries top secret messages for the CIA via babies and drool.”



Joel West

“An Australian marsupial”


Luke Gordon Field

“A kangaroo is a mythical creature from the made up land of Australia, popularized by a number of fictional novels and films. Like the centaur or unicorn, the animal does not actually exist, but is an example of the wonders of the human imagination.”


Shirley Gnome

“A T-Rex that fucked a rabbit.”


Andrew Barr

“A big stupid idiot with a pouch”


Bruce Douglas

“Everyone agrees that I’m a little crazy in the head. I have a really unique way of seeing things, which is one of my strengths as a comic. So this is probably just me but when I think of a kangaroo, I think of any herbivorous marsupial of the family Macropodidae, of Australia and adjacent islands, having a small head, short forelimbs, powerful hind legs used for leaping, and a long, thick tail.” 


Hannah Hogan

“Kangaroo is Hannah. Hannah is Kanagroo. We are all one.” 





The Comedy Cabaret June 30th 8pm!

The Comedy Cabaret June 30th 8pm!

Come see the June show. We have an excellent lineup that will leaving you howling for more!

If you were personified as a cartoon animal, what animal would you be?

Are comedians are so good this month that we tried to throw them a curveball. Not only did they make contact they smashed it outta of the park! Here are their answers to the question: If you were personified as a cartoon animal, what animal would you be?

Aisha Alfa


Ernie Vincente

“Winnie the Pooh”

Ali Hassan

“Winnie The Pooh. Because my friends are nice…..I’d get access to quality honey….AND I’D BE RICCCCHHHHHHHHHHH”

Silvi Santoso


Ryan Maglunob

“Panda Bear”

Merv Hartlen

“An unsymmetrical butterfly”

Chelsea Manders

“A cartoon fangtooth fish, the deepest living fish, luring unsuspecting creatures in with my pulsing bioluminescent light before tearing them to lifeless flesh chunks with my enormous, jagged jaw. Or a puppy.”

Justin Laite

“I’d be a hippopotamus wearing a variety of interesting hats”

The Comedy Cabaret – May 26th!

The Comedy Cabaret - May 26th! @ 8PM

Our next show is May 26th. After a successful one year anniversary will we have recovered from our hangovers by the 26th of May to put on another fantastic show? Of course… though may be still slightly hung over… so we apologize in advance.

If you couldn’t be a comedian, what would your dream job be?

Our comedians for the month of April were asked a few questions so that we could better understand Who they are, What they’re doing with their lives, How their accomplishing that, Etc. Etc. Etc. Here are the answers to one of those questions:


Marc Hallworth

The guy who pulls out the arrows at the archery range.

Jen Sakato

Travel writer

Katharine Ferns

I am also a painter and would love to paint all day. OR be the test body for a massage school and be massaged all day.”

Rene Armando Payes

Dream job-heckler, because, fuck comedians. :)

JP Hodgkinson

International jewel thief

Jennifer McAuliffe

Something with a lot of power, like a dictator or principal of a high school. I love power.”

Jeff Clark

Product Tester for a company that produces high end pot & poutine for consumption by actors who are working on low end porno shoots.”

Nick Beaton

If I couldn’t be a comedian my dream job would be being King Kong


The Comedy Cabaret – April 28th! @ 8PM

The Comedy Cabaret - April 28th! @ 8PM

This is the one year of The Comedy Cabaret under producers Matthew Sarookanian and Dave Code. Come out and celebrate this momentous occasion with us on April 28th at 8pm!


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