The Comedy Cabaret – April 28th! @ 8PM

The Comedy Cabaret - April 28th! @ 8PM

This is the one year of The Comedy Cabaret under producers Matthew Sarookanian and Dave Code. Come out and celebrate this momentous occasion with us on April 28th at 8pm!

If you could be any type of sea creature what kind would you be?

Our comedians for the month of March were asked a few questions so that we could better understand Who they are? What they’re doing with their lives? How their accomplishing that? Etc. Etc. Etc. Here are the answers to one of those questions:

Caitlin Langelier

“I’d have to be a shark or I’d be too scared of being eaten by one

Alex Nussbaum


Fraser Young

None of them! I like swimming and all, but 100% of the time? No way! I guess maybe otters swim around some of the time, and then hang out on land for a bit, but I think they also get hunted for their fur. Alligators also are water part-timers, but even they get hunted for their skin. If I had to pick one, I’d say an alligator with bad skin. Like a real acne problem so that no one would want me to be their shoes. Plus, if anyone still wanted to hunt me, I’d have a good shot of winning.

Marito Lopez
A starfish 

 Troy Stark

Michael Phelps. I could still pass for human, breathe underwater, and talk to merfolk.

 Danny Freedman

I’d be a shrimp, so people would think I’m cute or a lobster so people would put butter on me and lick.

 Karen Mitten

Seahorse (Their dudes seem legit)

 Brendan Pinto

Clown fish

The Comedy Cabaret – March 31st @ 8PM!

The Comedy Cabaret - March 31st @ 8PM!

The show absolutely killed in February! Now we’re looking to repeat that in March. Come on out and support local Toronto comedy!

The Comedy Cabaret – February 24th @ 8PM!

The Comedy Cabaret - February 24th @ 8PM!

We have a dynamite group of comedians who have traveled the world to hone their jokes just for you! So be ready!

The Comedy Cabaret – January 27th @ 8PM!

The Comedy Cabaret - January 27th @ 8PM!

Cabaret Fans! It’s a new year and we’re back to make you laugh! So come on out and enjoy a new year at The Comedy Cabaret!!

Hello Cabaret Fans.

There will be no show this December. We’ll be back at it on January 27th!


The Comedy Cabaret – November 25th @ 8PM!

The Comedy Cabaret - November 25th @ 8PM!

Grab your moustaches, and come out and enjoy a night of hilarity and amazement with The Comedy Cabaret!

The Comedy Cabaret – October 28th @ 8PM!

The Comedy Cabaret - October 28th @ 8PM!

Before you go trick r treating, come check out the spooky show on October 28th. Weird creatures and hot pixies are welcome.

The Comedy Cabaret – September 30th

The Comedy Cabaret - September 30th

First show of fall, don’t be an ass and bring your cool and hip styles to the show. Maybe we’ll have a cat walk for you, maybe we’ll just make you laugh uncontrollably

The Comedy Cabaret – August 26th

The Comedy Cabaret - August 26th


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